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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

THET101Introduction to the Theatre
THET104Stagecraft Lab
THET106Costuming Lab
THET113Stage Management Principles
THET143Freshman Directing Workshop
THET144Fundamentals of Acting
THET160Theatre Fundamentals
THET170World Theatre & Drama
THET191First Year Seminar
THET200Production Practicum
THET213Stage Management Practicum
THET219Intermediate Costume Construct
THET220Fundamentals of Lighting
THET221Theatre Make Up
THET222Drafting for the Stage
THET225Introduction to Stage Design 1
THET230Text Analysis
THET240Fundamental Vocal Technique 1
THET242Fundamentals of Movement
THET244Intermediate Acting
THET246Auditioning/Career Development
THET293DSPTP: Clowning
THET312Theatrical Rigging
THET315Portfolio Development
THET322Scene Design
THET324Costume Design 1
THET325Lighting Design
THET327History of Costume & Decor 1
THET340Intrmediat Vocal Techniques 1
THET342Stage Movement 1
THET344Acting Studio
THET348Studio Scene Study 1
THET355Musical Theatre Studio
THET365Traditions Dramatic Literature
THET375Puppet Construction
THET400Advanced Production Practicum
THET401Capstone Experience
THET402Repertory Theatre
THET403Advanced Directing
THET429Sound Seminar
THET440Advanced Vocal Techniques
THET442Advanced Stage Movement 1
THET444Advanced Acting Studio
THET447Studio Scene Study 2
THET455Adv Musical Theatre Studio
THET460Contemporary Drama
THET491Professional Field Experience
THET493ASPTP: Costume Pattern Drafting
THET493CSPTP: Wig Design
THET495Independent Study
THET520Principles of Stage Lighting
THET546Graduate Scene Study 1
THET600Graduate Production Practicum
THET610Research Methods
THET621Graduate Theatre Make up
THET622Graduate Scene Design
THET624Graduate Costume Design 1
THET625Graduate Lighting Design
THET627Graduate Costume &Decor 1
THET631Graduate Drafting for Stage
THET640Adv Graduate Vocal Techniques
THET642Adv Grad Stage Movement
THET644Adv Graduate Acting Studio 1
THET690Teaching Practicum
THET694ASem: Poetic Drama
THET695Independent Study
THET712Entertainment Rigging
THET725Portfolio Development
THET795Independent Study

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