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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

THET101Introduction to the Theatre
THET104Stagecraft Lab
THET106Costuming Lab
THET143Freshman Directing Workshop
THET144Fundamentals of Acting
THET191First Year Seminar
THET200Production Practicum
THET213Stage Management Practicum
THET220Fundamentals of Lighting
THET221Theatre Make Up
THET226Introduction to Stage Design 2
THET230Text Analysis
THET240Fundamental Vocal Technique 1
THET242Fundamentals of Movement
THET244Intermediate Acting
THET293ASPTP: Construction Methods
THET301History of Western Theatre
THET323Advanced Scene Design
THET326Advanced Costume Design
THET329CAD for the Stage
THET341Intrmediat Vocal Techniques 2
THET343Stage Movement 2
THET345Advanced Acting Studio
THET348Studio Scene Study 1
THET352Acting the Song
THET355Musical Theatre Studio
THET365Traditions Dramatic Literature
THET400Advanced Production Practicum
THET401Capstone Experience
THET402Repertory Theatre
THET403Advanced Directing
THET421Lighting Design 2
THET422Advanced Stage Makeup
THET424Advanced Technical Production
THET425Advanced Costume Construction
THET427Lighting Technology
THET428Scene Painting
THET441Advanced Vocal Techniques 2
THET443Advanced Stage Movement 2
THET445Advanced Acting Studio
THET447Studio Scene Study 2
THET450The Complete Performer
THET455Adv Musical Theatre Studio
THET460Contemporary Drama
THET464Children's Theatre
THET493BSPTP: Performance Studies
THET493GSPTP: Costume Shop Mgmt
THET495Independent Study
THET524Production Planning
THET541Graduate Voice Techniques
THET543Graduate Stage Movement
THET545Graduate Acting 2
THET546Graduate Scene Study 1
THET600Graduate Production Practicum
THET613Stage Management
THET621Graduate Theatre Make up
THET623Advanced Graduate Scene Design
THET625Graduate Lighting Design
THET626Graduate Costume Design 2
THET629Graduate CAD Seminar
THET635Graduate Scene Painting
THET690Teaching Practicum
THET692ADir St:Adv Puppet Construction
THET694ASem: Modern Theatre
THET695Independent Study
THET795Independent Study

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