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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

WMAN100The Tradition of Hunting
WMAN150Principle Conservation Ecology
WMAN160Ecology of Invading Species
WMAN175Intro to Wildlife & Fisheries
WMAN200Restoration Ecology
WMAN224Vertebrate Natural History
WMAN300Wildlife/Fisheries Techniques
WMAN421Renwabl Resourcs Policy/Govrnc
WMAN445Intro/Fisheries Management
WMAN491Professional Field Experience
WMAN493CSPTP: Aquaculture
WMAN495Independent Study
WMAN512Adv Wildlife Population Ecolgy
WMAN547Applied Wetlands Ecolgy/Mngmnt
WMAN593ASPTP: Aquaculture
WMAN640Fish Physiology
WMAN643Advanced Ichthyology
WMAN693ESPTP: Intro Graduate Computing
WMAN694ASem: Natural Resources Science
WMAN695Independent Study
WMAN790Teaching Practicum

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