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West Virginia University  SS18 Department List

A&VS Animal and Veterinary Science
ACCT Accounting
ACE Athletic Coaching Education
ADV Advertising
AEM Applied & Envrnmntl Mcrblgy
AFCS Agrclture, Forstry & Cnsmr Sci
AGBI Agricultural Biochemistry
AGEE Agriculture & Extension Edu
AGRN Agronomy
ARE Agriculture & Resource Econ
ARHS Art History
ARSC Arts and Sciences
ASTR Astronomy
ATTR Athletic Training
BADM Business Administration (BADM)
BCOR Business Core
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BIOM Biometric Systems
BIOS Biostatistics
BMP Behavior Medicine & Psychiatry
BMS Biomedical Sciences
BUDA Business Data Analytics
BUSA Business Administration (BUSA)
C&I Curriculum and Instruction
CCB Cell Cancer Biology
CCMD Conjoined Courses
CDFS Child Dev / Family Studies
CE Civil Engineering
CHE Chemical Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CJ Criminal Justice
COMM Communication Studies
COOP Cooperative Education
COUN Counseling
CPE Computer Engineering
CPSY Counseling Psychology
CS Computer Science
CSAD Comm Sciences and Disorders
CTED Career Technical Education
CTS Clinical and Translational Sci
DANC Dance
DENT Dentistry
DISB Disability Studies
DMC Data Marketing Comm
DSGN Design Studies
DSM Design and Merchandising
DTHY Dental Hygiene
ECON Economics
EDLS Education Leadership Studies
EDP Educational Psychology
EE Electrical Engineering
ENDO Endodontics
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENLM Energy Land Management
ENTO Entomology
ENTR Entrepreneurship
ENVP Environmental Protection
EPID Epidemiology
EXCG Exchange Program
EXPH Exercise Physiology
FCLT Foreign Culture
FDM Fashion Dress & Merchandising
FDST Food Science & Technology
FHYD Forest Hydrology
FIN Finance
FIS Forensic and Invstgtv Science
FLIT Foreign Lit in Translation
FMAN Forest Management
FMED Family Medicine
FOR Forestry
FRCH French
GEN Genetics
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GER German
GRAD Graduate Academy
GSCM Global Supply Chain Management
HDFS Human Dvlpmnt & Family Studies
HIED Higher Ed Administration
HIIM Health Informatics/Info Mgt
HIST History
HN&F Human Nutrition and Foods
HONR Honors
HORT Horticulture
HPML Health Policy, Mgmt and Ldrshp
HTOR Hospitality/Tourism
HUM Humanities
HUMS Human Services
ID Interior Design
IDT Instructional Design & Tchnlgy
IENG Industrial Engineering
IEP Intensive English Program
IH&S Industrial Hygiene & Safety
ILR Industrial and Labor Relations
IMC Integrated Marketing Comm
IMMB Immunology & Med Microbiology
INTS International Studies
ITAL Italian
JRL Journalism
LANG Language Teaching Methods
LARC Landscape Architecture
LDR Leadership Studies
LEGS Legal Studies
MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engr
MANG Management
MATH Mathematics
MDS Multidisciplinary Studies
MED Medicine
MICB Microbiology and Immunology
MINE Mining Engineering
MIST Management Information Systems
MKTG Marketing
MUSC Music
NAS Native American Studies
NBAN Neurobiology and Anatomy
NEUR Neurology
NSG Nursing
OBST Obstetrics and Gynecology
OEHS Occptnl and Envr Hlth Sciences
ORIN Orientation
ORTH Orthodontics
OTH Occupational Therapy
PASS Physical Act / Sport Sciences
PATH Pathology
PCOL Pharmacology and Toxicology
PE Physical Education
PEDI Pediatrics
PERI Periodontics
PET Physical Education/Teaching
PHAR Pharmacy
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLSC Plant Science
PNGE Petroleum and Natural Gas Engr
POLS Political Science
PPTH Plant Pathology
PR Public Relations
PROS Prosthodontics
PSIO Physiology
PSYC Psychology
PT Physical Therapy
PUBA Public Administration
PUBH Public Health
RDNG Reading
RELG Religious Studies
RESM Resource Management
RPTR Recreation Parks & Tourism Res
SAFM Safety Management
SBHS Social & Behavioral Sciences
SCFD Social & Cultural Foundations
SENG Software Engineering
SEP Sport and Exercise Psychology
SHED School Health Education
SM Sport Management
SOCA Sociology and Anthropology
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPED Special Education
SRVL Service Learning
STAT Statistics
STCM Strategic Communications
SURG Surgery
THET Theatre
ULIB Library Instruction
USAF United States Air Force
VETS Veterinary Science
WDSC Wood Science
WGST Women and Gender Studies
WMAN Wildlife and Fisheries Mgmt
WVUE WV University Experience

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