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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AASP100Introduction to African American Studies
AASP100HIntroduction to African American Studies
AASP101Public Policy and the Black Community
AASP200African Civilization
AASP202Black Culture in the United States
AASP202HBlack Culture in the United States
AASP210Intro to Research Design and Analysis in African American Studies
AASP230Social (In)Justice and African-American Health and Well-Being
AASP298BConstructions of Manhood and Womanhood in the Black Community
AASP298CAfrican-American History to 1865
AASP298LAfrican-American Literature and Culture
AASP298MMartin Luther King Jr.
AASP298PSpecial Topics in African American Studies; Poverty, Race and African-American Children
AASP301Applied Policy Analysis and the Black Community
AASP310African Slave Trade
AASP313Black Women in United States History
AASP377Baldwin and the Black Atlantic
AASP386Experiential Learning
AASP397Senior Thesis
AASP398GSelected Topics in the African Diaspora; Gender, Labor and Racial Identities in Diaspora Communities
AASP398QSelected Topics in the African Diaspora; Black Baltimore in the Post Racial U.S: African American Urban Culture in the Age of Obama
AASP399Research in African-American Studies
AASP401Research Directions in African-American Studies
AASP413Gentrification: Have You Met the New Neighbors?: Issues of Belonging and Displacement in Urban Areas
AASP498JSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Racial Socialization of Children and Adolescents: Theory, Research and Practice
AASP498OSpecial Topics in Black Culture; African American and Latino Social, Cultural and Political Relations: 1940 to Present
AASP499PAdvanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community; African-American Politics from Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama

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