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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AFA2000Intro to the Black Experience
AFA2380History and Theory of Genocide
AFA4335Black Women in America
AFA4900Directed Readings
AFA4931AfricanAmerican Historiography
AFA4931Haiti: Legacy of Resilience
AFA4931Sel.Topics: Intersectionality
AFA4931W. Africa Cultural Expressions
AFA6108Soc Constructn Race and Racism
AFA6120Theory and Social Thought
AFA6207AfricanAmerican Historiography
AFA6387Genocide and Human Rights
AFA6910Directed Research
AFA6932Compar. Slavery & Emancipation
AFA6932GradSem/Contemporary Africa
AFA6932Haiti: Legacy of Resilience
AFA6932Health in the African Diaspora

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