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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ANT2000Introduction to Anthropology
ANT2410Cultural Anthropology
ANT2511Biological Anthropology
ANT2511LBiological Anthropology Lab
ANT3005Anthropological Perspective
ANT3610Linguistic Anthropology
ANT4012Fantastic Archaeology
ANT4034Theories of Culture
ANT4114Seminar-Arch Method & Theory
ANT4143European Archaeology
ANT4153North American Archaeology
ANT4163Mesoamerican Archaeology
ANT4165South American Archaeology
ANT4172Historical Archaeology
ANT4176Archaeology of Africa
ANT4178Hist & Arch of African Diaspor
ANT4181Museum Methods
ANT4183CArchaeological Science
ANT4241Anthropology of Religion
ANT4260Ancient Trade
ANT4302Gender Cross-Cultural Perspect
ANT4312North American Indians
ANT4316Ethnic Diversity in the U.S.
ANT4352Peoples of Africa
ANT4401Expl Cross-Cultural Diversity
ANT4432The Individual and Culture
ANT4442Urban Life and Culture
ANT4462Health, Illness, and Culture
ANT4467Food, Health and Culture
ANT4468Biocultural Health
ANT4475Anthropology of Childhood
ANT4495Methods in Cultural Research
ANT4516Human Variation
ANT4520CForensic Anthropology
ANT4525Human Osteology/Osteometry
ANT4532Infectious/Contagious Diseases
ANT4620Language and Culture
ANT4701Applied Anthropology
ANT4750Lang & Social Interaction
ANT4824Archaeological Field Methods
ANT4901Directed Reading
ANT4905Individual Research
ANT4930Aging, Health, and Culture.
ANT4930Anthropology of Africa
ANT4930Anthropology of Sport
ANT4930Anthropology of the University
ANT4930Archaeology of the Southwest
ANT4930Brain and Culture
ANT4930Cultural Resource Management
ANT4930Culture Through Film
ANT4930Digital Public Archaeology
ANT4930Forensic Science
ANT4930Heritage and Tourism.
ANT4930Human Sexuality
ANT4930Mediterranean Archaeology
ANT4930Nutritional Assessment
ANT4930Peoples of the Andes
ANT4930Res Phy-Pt Interaction
ANT4930Southeastern U.S. Archaeology
ANT4932Honors Seminar
ANT4935Rethinking Anthropology
ANT4940Directed Internship Practicum

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