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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ANTH210Introduction to Medical Anthropology and Global Health
ANTH221Introduction to Forensic Sciences
ANTH222Introduction to Ecological and Evolutionary Anthropology
ANTH240Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH260Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistics
ANTH263Sexuality and Culture
ANTH264Immigration Policy, Immigrant Lives
ANTH265Anthropology of Global Health
ANTH266Changing Climate, Changing Cultures
ANTH305Archaeological Methods and Practice
ANTH322Method and Theory in Ecological Anthropology
ANTH323Plagues, Pathogens and Public Policy
ANTH358AUndergraduate Teaching Assistant; Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Archaeology
ANTH358BUndergraduate Teaching Assistant; Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Bio-Anthropology
ANTH358CUndergraduate Teaching Assistant; Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH360Method and Theory in Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH380Culture and Discourse
ANTH386Experiential Learning
ANTH398AIndependent Study; Research Problems
ANTH398NIndependent Study; Career Development for Anthropology Majors
ANTH413Health Disparities in the United States
ANTH415Advanced Studies in Global Health
ANTH436Norse Archaeology
ANTH447Material Culture Studies in Archaeology
ANTH451Environmental Archaeology
ANTH453Archaeology of the Modern City
ANTH461Language as Practice
ANTH462Amazon Through Film
ANTH465Ethnoecology: Nature, Knowledge and People
ANTH476Senior Research
ANTH477Senior Thesis
ANTH485Honors Research Preparation
ANTH486Honors Research
ANTH487Honors Thesis
ANTH601Applied Anthropology
ANTH613Health Disparities in the United States
ANTH615Advanced Studies in Global Health
ANTH620Environment and Society
ANTH636Norse Archaeology
ANTH647Advanced Material Culture Studies in Archaeology
ANTH651Environmental Archaeology
ANTH653Archaeology of the Modern City
ANTH655Introduction to Museum Scholarship
ANTH661Language as Practice
ANTH688ACurrent Developments in Anthropology
ANTH688EEthnoecology: Nature, Knowledge and People
ANTH689ASpecial Problems in Anthropology
ANTH701Anthropology Internship Preparation
ANTH712Anthropology Internship Analysis
ANTH740Theories of the Past and Accomplishments of Archaeology
ANTH741Introduction to Cultural and Heritage Resource Management
ANTH742Vital Technologies: Methods, Applications, and Interpretation
ANTH747The Business of Cultural & Heritage Resource Management
ANTH748CHRM Project Management
ANTH760Development of Social/Cultural Theory
ANTH788Internship Research
ANTH857Museum Scholarship Practicum
ANTH898Pre-Candidacy Research
ANTH899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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