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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ANTH221Introduction to Forensic Sciences
ANTH222Introduction to Ecological and Evolutionary Anthropology
ANTH240Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH260Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistics
ANTH263Sexuality and Culture
ANTH266Changing Climate, Changing Cultures
ANTH358AUndergraduate Teaching Assistant
ANTH360Method and Theory in Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH386Experiential Learning
ANTH398AIndependent Study
ANTH445Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
ANTH474Language Racism & Identity
ANTH476Senior Research
ANTH477Senior Thesis
ANTH486Honors Research
ANTH487Honors Thesis
ANTH496Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH498YAdvanced Field Training in Ethnography; Field Methods in Public Archaeology
ANTH674Language Racism & Identity
ANTH688ACurrent Developments in Anthropology
ANTH688YCurrent Developments in Anthropology; Field Methods in Public Archaology
ANTH689ASpecial Problems in Anthropology
ANTH701Anthropology Internship Preparation
ANTH712Anthropology Internship Analysis
ANTH857Museum Scholarship Practicum
ANTH898Pre-Candidacy Research
ANTH899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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