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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

APSC1454Intro Animal & Poultry Science
APSC1464Animal & Poultry Science Lab
APSC2004Animal & Poultry Sci Seminar
APSC2104Poultry Laboratory
APSC2114Livestock Mgt and Handling
APSC2164Comp/Lab Anim Care & Handling
APSC2424Introduction Equine Industry
APSC2524Intermediate Equitation
APSC2624Beginning Jumping
APSC2964Field Study
APSC2974Independent Study
APSC2994Undergraduate Research
APSC3134Animal Ag and the Environment
APSC3334Animal Welfare and Bioethics
APSC3434Host Microbe Interactions
APSC3524Intermediate Jumping
APSC3624Advanced Jumping
APSC3964Field Study
APSC4004Contemporary Issues in APSC
APSC4204Adv Equine Nutr & Feeding
APSC4424Horse Production & Management
APSC4444Swine Production
APSC4464Comp/Lab Anim Health & Mgt
APSC4514Animal Growth and Development
APSC4554Adv Livestock Enterprise Mgmt
APSC4954APSC Capstone Experience
APSC4964Field Study
APSC4974Independent Study
APSC4994Undergraduate Research
APSC5004Graduate Seminar
APSC5114Adv Ruminant Nutr and Feeding
APSC5154Behv Biol Domesticated Animals
APSC5184Research Methods Animal Behav
APSC5244Applied Equine Behavior
APSC5254Mngd Anim Ethology & Welfare
APSC5334Adjunctive Appr Anim Behavior
APSC5404Reprod Technologies in Cattle
APSC5514GAdv Animal Growth Development
APSC5554Mammal Genome Biology
APSC5604Writing Fellowship Grants
APSC5894Final Examination
APSC5904Project and Report
APSC5974Independent Study
APSC5994Research and Thesis
APSC7994Research and Dissertation

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