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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARC2112LArc Freehand Drawing Methods
ARC2131CIntro Arch Design & Graphics
ARC2135CIntro to Architect Design II
ARC2180Intro Digital Architecture
ARC2211Intro to Architecture
ARC2702Architectural History II
ARC2931Intro to Digital Design
ARC2931Intro to Digital Modeling
ARC2931The Sustainable City
ARC4541Physics for Architects
ARC4784The City
ARC4931Arch for Real Estate Develop
ARC4931Physics for Architects
ARC5175Computer Technology
ARC5362Core Design II
ARC5364Advanced Design A
ARC5365Advanced Design B
ARC5366Advanced Design C
ARC5467Materials & Methods
ARC5587Structures I
ARC5588Structures II
ARC5689Environmental Tech
ARC5732Architectural History II
ARC5931Advanced Digital Design
ARC5931Arch for Real Estate & Develop
ARC5931Architecture in Conflict
ARC5931Bldgs & Ideas: 20thC-Present
ARC5931Contemp. Latin Amer. Arch.
ARC5931Detail Making
ARC5931Energy Efficiency in Housing
ARC5931Global Urbanism NOW!
ARC5931Housing Design
ARC5931Independent Study
ARC5931Intro Revit
ARC5931Intro to Digital Architecture
ARC5931Intro to Revit
ARC5931Modern Housing
ARC5931Parametric Design
ARC5931Survey of Contemporary Society
ARC5931Teaching Methods
ARC5931The City
ARC5931Urban Design Studio A
ARC5931Urban Resiliency:
ARC5931Writing in Architecture
ARC6288Professional Practice II
ARC6367Advanced Design D
ARC6373Community Design Studio
ARC6930Design for Social Equity
ARC6930Global Urbanism NOW!
ARC6930Independent Study
ARC6930Master's Studio
ARC6930MUCD Independent Study
ARC6930Scales of Flood
ARC6930Site + Context Analysis
ARC6930Special Topics in Urban Design
ARC6930The City
ARC6930Urban Design Research/Analysis
ARC6936Research Methods
ARC6971Master's Thesis
ARC6974Master's Project Planning
ARC6976Terminal Master's Project

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