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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARH2000Art and Culture
ARH2050History Of Visual Arts I
ARH2051History Of Visual Arts II
ARH3001Introduction To Art
ARH4130Greek Art
ARH4151Roman Art
ARH4200Medieval Art
ARH4301Renaissance Art
ARH4430Nineteenth Century Art
ARH4450Twentieth Century Art
ARH4475CContemporary Issues in Art
ARH4520African Art
ARH4571Islamic Art/Architecture
ARH4710History of Photography
ARH4724History of Graphic Design
ARH4800Abstraction in Islamic Art
ARH4800Art History Seminar
ARH4800Critical Studies In Art Hist:
ARH4800Cross Cultural Interactions in
ARH4800Islamic Art
ARH4800Kandinsky's Abstraction
ARH4800Ottoman Imperial Identity
ARH4800Renaissance Portraiture
ARH4800Venice and Art
ARH4930Art History Survey
ARH4930Introduction to Latin American
ARH4930Visual Cultures of the Middle
ARH5813Methods of Art History
ARH5816Research in Art History
ARH6055Art History
ARH6798Abstraction in Islamic Art
ARH6798Art and Biography
ARH6798Critical Perspectives on
ARH6798Cross Cultural Interactions in
ARH6798Kandinsky's Abstraction
ARH6798Seminar In Art History:
ARH6798Venice and Art

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