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ARHS101Landmarks of World Art
ARHS225GPS Intro to Italian Culture
ARHS393CSPTP: Preservation Tour Italy
ARHS493CSPTP:Paper Restor Books Theory
ARHS493DSPTP:Paper Restor Books Wkshp
ARHS493ESPTP:Restor Anly Hist Bld Ital
ARHS493FSPTP:Sketch Hist Bld Italy
ARHS493KSPTP:Restoration Theor Eth Iss
ARHS493LSPTP: Paint Mthds Art Rest Iss
ARHS493MSPTP: Painting Matrls Workshop
ARHS593ISPTP:Hist Craft Book Binding
ARHS593JSPTP:Conserv Restor Book Bind

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