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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ART102Non-Major Ceramics
ART103Materials and Procedures
ART109Basic Drawing 1 for Non-Majors
ART111Drawing 1
ART112Drawing 2
ART121Visual Foundations 1
ART122Visual Foundations 2
ART191First-Year Seminar
ART211Figure Drawing
ART212Multi Media
ART213Painting 1
ART214Painting 2
ART223Introduction to Graphic Design
ART224Graphic Design 2
ART226Introduction to Sculpture
ART234Digital Photography
ART242Life Modeling
ART264Introduction to Art Education
ART266Art Education:Secondary
ART270Introductn-Electronic Media 1
ART271Introductn-Electronic Media 2
ART272Designing for Multimedia
ART285Interactive Audio Design
ART313Painting 3
ART323Graphic Design 3
ART324Graphic Design 4
ART325Design for Web and Screen
ART332Intermediate Photography
ART333Alternative Photography
ART335Advanced Photography
ART341Ceramic Production Methods
ART365Pre-Student Teaching
ART370Intermediate Electronic Media
ART413Senior Projects in Painting
ART425Graphic Design:Senior Project
ART426Senior Projects in Sculpture
ART430Senior Projects in Printmaking
ART435Senior Projects in Photography
ART440Senior Projects in Ceramics
ART444Promoting the Arts and Culture
ART470Senior Projects in Intermedia
ART472Advanced Interactive Design
ART491AProf Fld Expr:Graphics
ART491BProf Field Experience:Art
ART491DProf Field Expr:Art Education
ART493ESPTP: Hawaii
ART493WSPTP: Atacama Chile
ART495Independent Study:Studio Art
ART495AIndpendent Study:Apprentice
ART495EIndependent Study:Ceramics
ART495FIndependent Stdy:Digital Media
ART495GIndependent Study:Graphic Dsgn
ART495HIndependent Study:Painting
ART495IIndependent Study:Photography
ART495JIndependent Study:Printmaking
ART495KIndependent Study:Sculpture
ART513Graduate Painting
ART523Graduate Graphic Design
ART526Graduate Sculpture
ART530Graduate Printmaking
ART532Graduate Photography
ART534Alternative Media
ART540Graduate Ceramics
ART590Teaching Pract/Prof Practice
ART593ESPTP: Adv Prob in Art Making
ART593ISPTP: Intro Art Therapy
ART595Independent Study:Grad Studio
ART600Graduate Exhibition and Thesis
ART602Master's in Art Ed Project
ART620Adv Prob in Art Making
ART695Independent Study
ART696Graduate Seminar
ART699Graduate Colloquium

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