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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARTH200Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
ARTH201Art and Society in the West from the Renaissance to the Present
ARTH230Symbolic Images: The Theory and Practice of Iconography in European Art, 1400-1850
ARTH255Art and Society in the Modern American World
ARTH305Archaeological Methods and Practice
ARTH330Seventeenth-Century European Art
ARTH350Twentieth-Century Art to 1945
ARTH359VFilm as Art; Seeing Through Film: How Film Means
ARTH386Experiential Learning
ARTH389ASpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; The Art of Drawing: A Left and Right Brain Experience
ARTH389BSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; The Art of Color: A Left and Right Brain Experience
ARTH389DSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; Humanists on the Move
ARTH389FSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; Classical Mythology in Renaissance Art (1400-1700)
ARTH389JSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; Aztec to Inca: Art and Archaeology from the Ancient Americas
ARTH488BColloquium in Art History; Representing the Other
ARTH488XColloquium in Art History; Contemporary Transnational Chinese Cinemas and Art
ARTH489KSpecial Topics in Art History; Art and the Museum World
ARTH489NSpecial Topics in Art History; Can Art Museums be Decolonized? A History of Modern Art Dis play in America
ARTH498Directed Studies in Art History I
ARTH499Honors Thesis
ARTH708DSeminar in Ancient Art and Archaeology; The Ancient Portrait
ARTH758LSeminar in American Art; Art and Visual Culture in the 1930's
ARTH768ASeminar in Latin American Art and Archaeology; Critical Historiographies of Latin American Modernism
ARTH779DSeminar in Japanese Art; The Japanese Diaspora in America: Art, Race, Incarceration
ARTH798Directed Graduate Studies in Art History
ARTH799Master's Thesis Research
ARTH898Pre-Candidacy Research
ARTH899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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