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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARTS1012 Dimensional Art Foundations
ARTS1023 Dimensional Art Foundations
ARTS110Basic Computer Skills for the Fine Artist
ARTS111Drawing I
ARTS211Drawing II
ARTS221Painting I
ARTS231Watercolor I
ARTS241Jewelry and Metalworking
ARTS251Ceramics I
ARTS261Photography I
ARTS262Digital Photography I
ARTS306ST Painting for Non Art Majors
ARTS306ST: Mixed Media/Collage/Assemb
ARTS306ST: Silk Screening Workshop
ARTS321Painting II
ARTS331Watercolor II
ARTS341Jewelry II Intermediate Jewelry and Metalsmithing
ARTS351Ceramics II
ARTS360Video Art
ARTS363Digital Photography II
ARTS411Drawing III
ARTS421Painting III
ARTS431Watercolor III
ARTS451Ceramics III
ARTS499Senior Project and Exhibition

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