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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARTT110Elements of Drawing I
ARTT150Introduction to Art Theory
ARTT200Three-Dimensional Art Fundamentals
ARTT210Elements of Drawing II
ARTT255Introduction to Digital Art and Design Processes
ARTT333Elements of Sculpture: Wood and Mixed Media
ARTT343Elements of Printmaking: Screen Printing
ARTT386Experiential Learning
ARTT418Advanced Drawing Studio
ARTT438DAdvanced Sculpture Studio; Wood and Mixed Media
ARTT448EAdvanced Printmaking Studio; Advanced Screen Printing
ARTT468BSeminar on the Interrelationship Between Art and Art Theory; Issues in Contemporary Art
ARTT489DAdvanced Special Topics in Art; Magazine Design, Layout and Production
ARTT498ADirected Studies in Studio Art
ARTT698WDirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art; Water Color and Water Based Media

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