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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ATR2010CCare/Prevention Phys Injuries
ATR3123Foundations of Athl Training
ATR3212CUpper Extremity Assessment
ATR3512Athl Trng Admin & Policy
ATR3822LClinical Exp n Ath Training II
ATR4223Advanced Athletic Training
ATR4302CTherapeutic Modalities
ATR4842LClinical Exp in Athl Trng IV
ATR4902Ind Study in Sports Medicine
ATR5218CPhysical Exam II
ATR5307CTherapeutic Interventions II
ATR5308CTherapeutic Interventions III
ATR5319Rehab Consid. for Children
ATR5346CHealth and Wellness I
ATR5347CHealth and Wellness II
ATR5348CHealth and Wellness III
ATR5435Medical Conditions
ATR5508Contemp Issues in AT
ATR5515Admin of Injury Prevention Pgm
ATR5605Youth Injury Epidemiology
ATR5612Evidence Based Med in AT
ATR5825Clinical Experience in AT II
ATR6114Preventing Sudden Death I
ATR6115Preventing Sudden Death II
ATR6226Advanced AT
ATR6446Med Conditions of Adolescents
ATR6615Evidence Based Res. & Writing
ATR6627Capstone Project 2
ATR6845Clinical Experience in AT IV

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