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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BIOL104Human Biology
BIOL105Biology for Health Sciences
BIOL131Ecology and Adaptation
BIOL132Biology Cells & Microorganisms Biology Connections
BIOL132Biology of Cells and Microorganisms
BIOL160Introductory Seminar in Biology
BIOL181Special Topics in Introductory Biology
BIOL181Special Topics Intro Biology
BIOL211Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL212Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL215Plants and Society
BIOL231Genetics, Evolution and Development
BIOL232Organismal Biology
BIOL305Introduction to Scientific Literature
BIOL310Human Structure and Function I
BIOL311Human Structure and Function II
BIOL322Human Anatomy and Physiology for Pre Nursing Majors
BIOL351Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL390Conservation Biology
BIOL400Cell Biology
BIOL407Microbial Ecology
BIOL408Principles of Microbiology
BIOL434Evolutionary Developmental Biology
BIOL451Current Issues in Biology
BIOL460Adv Sem: Diseases & Society
BIOL460Adv Sem: Environmental DNA
BIOL460Adv Sem: Pop Bio
BIOL460AdvSem: Human Uniqueness
BIOL460AdvSem: Predation & Parasitism
BIOL460Comparative Biomechanics
BIOL472Biochemistry II
BIOL475Biochemistry Laboratory II
BIOL481Advanced Anatomy
BIOL481Analysis of Bio Data
BIOL481Communicating Science
BIOL481Fire Ecology
BIOL481Phage Bioinformatics
BIOL481The Great Indoors
BIOL488Final Honors Project
BIOL491Directed Study and Research
BIOL492Undergraduate Research
BIOL493Apprentice Teaching
BIOL495Internship in Biology

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