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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BIT2164Foundations Security Environ
BIT2405Bus Stats Analytics & Model
BIT2406Bus Stats Analytics & Model
BIT3414Operations & Supply Chain Mgt
BIT3424Intro Bus Analytics Modeling
BIT3434Adv Modeling for Bus Analytics
BIT3444Adv Bus Comp and App
BIT3454Business Process Improvement
BIT3464Enterprise Planning & Control
BIT3954Study Abroad
BIT4434Comp Sim In Bus
BIT4444Web-Based DSS
BIT4454Bus Analysis Seminar in IT
BIT4464Adv Supply Chain Mgt
BIT4474Global Ops & Info Technology
BIT4484Project Management
BIT4514Database Technology for Bus
BIT4524Systems Development
BIT4554Networks & Telecomm Business
BIT4614Information Security
BIT4624Cybersecurity Analytics
BIT4854Analytics in Action
BIT4974Independent Study
BIT4994Undergraduate Research
BIT5114Crime & Conflict in Cyberspace
BIT5424Bus Visualization Analytics
BIT5534Applied Bus Intel & Analytics
BIT5894Final Examination
BIT5974Independent Study
BIT5994Research and Thesis
BIT7994Research and Dissertation

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