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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BSCI126Pollinators in Crisis
BSCI135Amazing Green: Plants that Transformed the World
BSCI150Beyond Race: Human Biological Diversity
BSCI160Principles of Ecology and Evolution
BSCI161Principles of Ecology and Evolution Lab
BSCI161CPrinciples of Ecology and Evolution Lab
BSCI161SPrinciples of Ecology and Evolution Lab
BSCI170Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology
BSCI171Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory
BSCI201Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSCI202Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BSCI207Principles of Biology III - Organismal Biology
BSCI222Principles of Genetics
BSCI223General Microbiology
BSCI238DSpecial Topics in Biology Student Initiated Courses; A Primer on Research Kits in the College of Life Sciences
BSCI238FSpecial Topics in Biology Student Initiated Courses; Introduction to Python Programming for Life Sciences
BSCI279Supplemental Study; Supplemental Study in Biology
BSCI279PSupplemental Study; Undergraduate Teaching Fellows Professional Development Seminar
BSCI279QSupplemental Study; Readings in Neurophysiology
BSCI279RSupplemental Study; Undergraduate Research Rotation
BSCI279TSupplemental Study; BSCI Learning Assistants
BSCI279WSupplemental Study; Problem Solving for Molecular Courses
BSCI283Principles of Microbiology
BSCI289Off-Campus Internship
BSCI300Strategies for Success
BSCI329Instructional Assistance Practicum
BSCI330Cell Biology and Physiology
BSCI330HCell Biology and Physiology
BSCI338GSpecial Topics in Biology; Seminar on Deregulated Cell Growth in Cancer and Drug Development
BSCI338KSpecial Topics in Biology; Physiology of Pain and Evidence-based CAM Approaches
BSCI338ZSpecial Topics in Biology; Field Research
BSCI339DSelected Topics in Biology; Neurobiology of Chemosensory Systems
BSCI339WSelected Topics in Biology; Molecular Neuroethology
BSCI339YSelected Topics in Biology; Invertebrate Behavioral Physiology Research Seminar
BSCI339ZSelected Topics in Biology; Cell Death and Cancer Research Seminar
BSCI348Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
BSCI348ASpecial Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Microbiology Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
BSCI348ISpecial Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Infectious Disease Process
BSCI348RSpecial Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Microbiology Internship
BSCI353Principles of Neuroscience
BSCI360Principles of Animal Behavior
BSCI361Principles of Ecology
BSCI363The Biology of Conservation and Extinction
BSCI370Principles of Evolution
BSCI378HCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Honors Seminar
BSCI379GCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Research; Research in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
BSCI379HCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Honors Research
BSCI379LCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Research; Lab Research
BSCI389Entomology Department Research
BSCI389HEntomology Department Research; Honors Research
BSCI389LEntomology Department Research; Lab Research
BSCI398HBiology Department Honors Seminar
BSCI399Biology Department Research; Biology Department Research
BSCI399HBiology Department Honors Research
BSCI399LBiology Department Research; Biology Lab Research
BSCI404Cell Biology from a Biophysical Perspective
BSCI405Population and Evolutionary Genetics
BSCI410Molecular Genetics
BSCI411Bioinformatics and Integrated Genomics
BSCI411HBioinformatics and Integrated Genomics
BSCI414Recombinant DNA Laboratory
BSCI415Molecular Genetics Laboratory
BSCI420Cell Biology Lectures
BSCI422Principles of Immunology
BSCI424Pathogenic Microbiology
BSCI430Developmental Biology
BSCI432Systems View of Cell Biology
BSCI433Biology of Cancer
BSCI437General Virology
BSCI440Mammalian Physiology
BSCI441Mammalian Physiology Laboratory
BSCI443Microbial Physiology
BSCI447General Endocrinology
BSCI452Diseases of the Nervous System
BSCI455Neuroscience Laboratory
BSCI464Microbial Ecology
BSCI467Freshwater Biology
BSCI471Molecular Evolution
BSCI475Sexual Selection in Nature
BSCI481Insect Diversity and Classification
BSCI482Insect Physiology and Molecular Biology
BSCI483Insects, Pathogens, and Public Health
BSCI497Insect Pests of Ornamentals and Turf

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