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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BSCI103The World of Biology
BSCI103MThe World of Biology
BSCI124Plant Biology for Non-Science Students
BSCI125Plant Biology Laboratory
BSCI160Principles of Ecology and Evolution
BSCI161Principles of Ecology and Evolution Lab
BSCI170Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology
BSCI170CPrinciples of Molecular & Cellular Biology
BSCI170HPrinciples of Molecular & Cellular Biology
BSCI171Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory
BSCI171SPrinciples of Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory
BSCI201Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSCI202Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BSCI207Principles of Biology III - Organismal Biology
BSCI222Principles of Genetics
BSCI223General Microbiology
BSCI238BSpecial Topics in Biology Student Initiated Courses; Astrobiology: Abiogenesis (The Origin of Life) and Early Life
BSCI258College Park Scholars Internship
BSCI279Supplemental Study; Supplemental Study in Biology
BSCI279BSupplemental Study; BioFIRE Spring Colloquium
BSCI279CSupplemental Study; Catalyst Program Seminar
BSCI279HSupplemental Study; Catalyst Program Seminar
BSCI279PSupplemental Study; Undergraduate Teaching Fellows Professional Development Seminar
BSCI279QSupplemental Study; Readings in Neurophysiology
BSCI279RSupplemental Study; Undergraduate Research Rotation
BSCI279TSupplemental Study; BSCI Learning Assistants
BSCI283Principles of Microbiology
BSCI288Internship; Field Experience
BSCI289Off-Campus Internship
BSCI329Instructional Assistance Practicum
BSCI329HInstructional Assistance Practicum; Honors Instructional Assistance Practicum
BSCI330Cell Biology and Physiology
BSCI335Mammalogy Laboratory
BSCI337Biology of Insects
BSCI338CSpecial Topics in Biology; Pathophysiology of Cardiac Disorders
BSCI338FSpecial Topics in Biology; iGEM Research Seminar
BSCI338RSpecial Topics in Biology; Darwinian Medicine
BSCI338ZSpecial Topics in Biology; Field Research
BSCI339ESelected Topics in Biology; Developmental Genetics
BSCI339GSelected Topics in Biology; Advanced Physiology
BSCI339ISelected Topics in Biology; Cellular Mechanisms of Aging and Disease
BSCI339QSelected Topics in Biology; Diseases Due to Dysfunctional Cell Organelles
BSCI339VSelected Topics in Biology; Readings in Genetics
BSCI339XSelected Topics in Biology; Advanced Cellular Neuroscience
BSCI348Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
BSCI348ASpecial Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Scientific Teaching Internship
BSCI348QSpecial Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics: Introductory Biology Learning Assistantship
BSCI348RSpecial Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Microbiology Internship
BSCI353Principles of Neuroscience
BSCI360Principles of Animal Behavior
BSCI361Principles of Ecology
BSCI370Principles of Evolution
BSCI378HCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Honors Seminar
BSCI379GCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Research; Research in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
BSCI379HCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Honors Research
BSCI379LCell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Research; Lab Research
BSCI389Entomology Department Research
BSCI389HEntomology Department Honors Research
BSCI389LEntomology Department Research; Lab Research
BSCI392Biology of Extinct Animals
BSCI393Biology of Extinct Animals Laboratory
BSCI398HBiology Department Honors Seminar
BSCI399Biology Department Research; Biology Department Research
BSCI399HBiology Department Honors Research
BSCI399LBiology Department Research; Biology Lab Research
BSCI401Animal Communication
BSCI406Membranes and Biological Interfaces
BSCI407Behavioral Genetics
BSCI410Molecular Genetics
BSCI412Microbial Genetics
BSCI416Human Genetics
BSCI417Microbial Pathogenesis
BSCI420Cell Biology Lectures
BSCI422Principles of Immunology
BSCI423Immunology Laboratory
BSCI425Advanced Cell Biology Lab Practices
BSCI430Developmental Biology
BSCI433Biology of Cancer
BSCI437General Virology
BSCI440Mammalian Physiology
BSCI441Mammalian Physiology Laboratory
BSCI442Plant Physiology
BSCI446Neural Systems
BSCI447General Endocrinology
BSCI452Diseases of the Nervous System
BSCI454Neurobiology Laboratory
BSCI462Population Ecology
BSCI473Marine Ecology
BSCI480Arthropod Form and Function

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