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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BSST240Understanding The Principles and Perils of CBRN Weapons
BSST241Understanding the Principles and Perils of CBRN Weapons (Lab)
BSST288RSpecial Topics in Terrorism Studies; Global Terrorism in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century
BSST330Terrorism Studies
BSST334States of Emergency
BSST335Innovations in Countering Violent Extremism
BSST340Oral Communication for National Security Careers
BSST386Experiential Learning in Terrorism Studies
BSST630Motivations and Intents of Terrorists and Terrorist Groups
BSST634Legal and Criminal Approaches to Counterterrorism
BSST635Countering Violent Extremism: Policy and Practice
BSST640Theories of Security and Terrorism Studies

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