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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BUSI600Fundamentals of Business Decision Making
BUSI610Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUSI630Data Driven Decision Making
BUSI631Data Driven Decision Making II
BUSI634Operations Management
BUSI662Leadership and Teamwork
BUSI683The Global Economic Environment
BUSI690Strategic Management
BUSI711Industry Analysis
BUSI712Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
BUSI713Global Strategy
BUSI718OSpecial Topics in Business; Networks and Influence
BUSI731Managing Brands and Products
BUSI734Digital Marketing
BUSI735Advanced Marketing Analytics
BUSI736Pricing Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
BUSI737Innovation & Product Development
BUSI740Valuation in Corporate Finance
BUSI745Fixed Income Analysis
BUSI751Decision Analytics
BUSI758FSpecial Topics in Business; Investment Fund Management
BUSI758OSpecial Topics in Business; Managing Global Business Risks and Opportunities
BUSI758QSpecial Topics in Business; Business Consulting
BUSI759Independent Study in Business
BUSI785Project Management in Dynamic Environments
BUSI787Integrative Capstone
BUSI799Masters Thesis Research

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