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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BUSM614Strategic Management
BUSM624Operations Management
BUSM626The Global Economic Environment
BUSM701Marketing Research Methods
BUSM702Consumer Behavior
BUSM705Brand Management
BUSM708Independent Study in Business
BUSM713Market Forecasting
BUSM733Valuation in Corporate Finance
BUSM735Financial Strategy for Corporations
BUSM737Applied Equity Analysis
BUSM738AInvestment Fund Management; Mayer Fund
BUSM750Project Management in Dynamic Environments
BUSM758BSpecial Topics in Business; Derivative Securities
BUSM758KSpecial Topics in Business; Showcase 2020: Thought Leadership at Smith
BUSM758LSpecial Topics in Business; Leading Strategically
BUSM758OSpecial Topics in Business; Navigating Organizational Networks
BUSM758ZSpecial Topics in Business; Integrative Capstone
BUSM761Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
BUSM762Decision Analytics
BUSM775Global Strategy
BUSM798QBusiness Consulting; Business Consulting I

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