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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CCJ3024Survey Criminal Justice System
CCJ3117Theories of Criminal Behavior
CCJ3621Patterns of Criminal Behavior
CCJ3701Research Mthds Crim Justice I
CCJ4604Abnormal Behav/Criminality
CCJ4613Forensic Psychology
CCJ4900Directed Readings
CCJ4910Directed Research
CCJ4933ST: OITNB & Women in Prison
CCJ4933Top: Myths of the CJ System
CCJ4933Top: Serial Killers
CCJ4933Top: Sex Offenders
CCJ4933Top:Cybercrime & the CJ System
CCJ4933Topics: At Risk Youth & Crime
CCJ4933Women & Crime
CCJ4934Sem: Women & Crime
CCJ4940Internship Crim Justice Majors
CCJ6118Introduction to Crim Theory
CCJ6406Th/Prac/Res in Law Enforce
CCJ6905Directed Independent Study
CCJ6905Ind Study Cybercrime Capstone
CCJ6910Directed Research
CCJ6935Sexuality and Crime
CCJ6935Technology Adoption & Crime
CCJ6971Thesis: Master's
CCJ7910Advanced Research
CCJ7980Doctoral Dissertation

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