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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CE201Intro to Civil Engineering
CE210Intro CADD - Civil Engineers
CE301Engr Professional Development
CE321Fluid Mechanics-Civil Engr
CE331Transportation Engineering
CE332Intro Transportation Engr
CE347Intro-Environmentl Engineering
CE351Introductory Soil Mechanics
CE361Structural Analysis 1
CE413Construction Methods
CE414Construction Engineering
CE415Flexible Pavements
CE416Advanced Concrete Materials
CE417Infra. Asset Mgmt.
CE422Advanced Hydraulic Engineering
CE423Water System Design
CE425Engineering Hydrology
CE431Highway Engineering
CE439Traffic Engineering/Operations
CE451Foundations Engineering
CE453Earthwork Design
CE461Structural Analysis 2
CE462Reinforced Concrete Design
CE464Timber Design
CE479Integrated Civil Engr Design
CE493BSPTP:EnvironHydraulic Engineer
CE493FSPTP: Environ Eng Microbiology
CE493LSPTP: Public Transportation
CE493MSPTP: Tech Innv: Engr Econ PR
CE495Independent Study
CE515Flexible Pavements
CE517Infra. Asset Mgmt. 1
CE539Traffic Engineering Operations
CE551Soil Testing
CE561Stat Indeterminate Structures
CE567Prestressed Concrete
CE593CSPTP:EnvironHydraulic Engineer
CE593DSPTP: Public Transportation
CE593GSPTP: Environ Eng Microbiology
CE695Independent Study
CE763Behavior Of Steel Member
CE790Teaching Practicum
CE795Independent Study

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