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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHEM131Chemistry I - Fundamentals of General Chemistry
CHEM131SChemistry I - Fundamentals of General Chemistry
CHEM132General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM132CGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM132SGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM134Chemical Principles for Engineering
CHEM135General Chemistry for Engineers
CHEM136General Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers
CHEM146Principles of General Chemistry
CHEM177Introduction to Laboratory Practices and Research in the Chemical Sciences
CHEM231Organic Chemistry I
CHEM232Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM241Organic Chemistry II
CHEM242Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM247Principles of Organic Chemistry II
CHEM271General Chemistry and Energetics
CHEM272General Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM277Fundamentals of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM398Special Projects
CHEM399AIntroduction to Chemical Research
CHEM399BIntroduction to Chemical Research
CHEM399CIntroduction to Chemical Research
CHEM399XIntroduction to Chemical Research; Chemistry Instruction
CHEM425Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CHEM441Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM460Structure Determination Using Spectroscopic Methods
CHEM481Physical Chemistry I
CHEM482Physical Chemistry II
CHEM483Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM484Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM601Structure and Bonding of Molecules and Materials
CHEM608KSelected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry; Chemistry Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
CHEM611Professional Skills for New Graduate Students
CHEM624Electrical Methods of Quantitative Analysis
CHEM641Organic Reaction Mechanisms
CHEM648PSpecial Topics in Organic Chemistry; Chemical Biology
CHEM684Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM690Quantum Chemistry I
CHEM699Special Problems in Chemistry
CHEM799Master's Thesis Research
CHEM889DSeminar; Organic
CHEM889ESeminar; Physical Chemistry
CHEM889FSeminar; Chemical Physics
CHEM889MSeminar; Materials Chemistry
CHEM898Pre-Candidacy Research
CHEM899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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