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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHEM111General Chemistry I
CHEM112General Chemistry II
CHEM120Chemistry of Life
CHEM122General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry for the Life Sciences
CHEM302Organic Chemistry II
CHEM324Analytical Chemistry
CHEM350Chemistry Research Methods
CHEM401Physical Chemistry I
CHEM402Physical Chemistry II
CHEM416Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM421Polymer Chemistry
CHEM424Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CHEM461Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM472Biochemistry II
CHEM478Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM481DS: Analysis Metals Cosmetics
CHEM481DS: Biochem Analy of Beta Gluc
CHEM481DS: Carbon Nano Particle Spngs
CHEM481DS: Exm Microplastics UV Light
CHEM481DS: Express & Pur of Streptomy
CHEM481DS: Ferrihydrite for Water Pur
CHEM481DS: Hvy Mtls in Soil & Aq Invt
CHEM481DS: Meth Dev for Tot Sus Solid
CHEM481DS: Mnt Val Pipeline Impact
CHEM481DS: Mth Dev Using GCMS to Det
CHEM481DS: Quant of Nico in E Cig Liq
CHEM481DS: Stabilities of Non IPR C50
CHEM481DS: Stand Add Mth Dev
CHEM481DS: Stu of Xenophilic Clusters
CHEM481DS: Synth of Indoles Anilines
CHEM483Undergraduate Research in Chemical Education
CHEM485HC: Dev of Nano Carbon SupHydr
CHEM485HC: Opt of Xenophilic Met Clus
CHEM485HC: Prep of Carbon/Ti02 LbL co
CHEM488HC: Quality Study e liq GC MS
CHEM488HC: Synth Gallium Cont Organom
CHEM498IS: Forensic Chemistry
CHEM498IS: Lead Exposure & Disease
CHEM498IS: Method Development
CHEM498IS: Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM498IS: OURS Impact Research

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