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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHEM110Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM111Survey of Chemistry 1
CHEM111LCHEM 111 Laboratory
CHEM112Survey of Chemistry 2
CHEM112LCHEM 112 Laboratory
CHEM115Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM115LCHEM 115 Laboratory
CHEM116Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM116LCHEM 116 Laboratory
CHEM117Principles of Chemistry 1
CHEM117LCHEM 117 Laboratory
CHEM191First-Year Seminar
CHEM215Intro to Analytical Chemistry
CHEM215LCHEM 215 Laboratory
CHEM233Organic Chemistry
CHEM234Organic Chemistry
CHEM235Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM236Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM313Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHEM335Method:Structure Determination
CHEM346Physical Chemistry
CHEM347Physical Chem Lab
CHEM348Physical Chemistry
CHEM349Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM393ASPTP: COVID-19 Bioanalytics
CHEM393CSPTP: Methods in Comp Chem
CHEM403Undergraduate Seminar
CHEM422Intermediate Inorganic Chem
CHEM490Teaching Practicum-PLTL
CHEM490ATeaching Practicum-CLC
CHEM490BTeaching Practicum - TA
CHEM514Mass Spec Principles & Practic
CHEM516Bioanalytical Chemistry
CHEM522Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM531Advanced Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM533Adv Struct Det Spectr Meth
CHEM548Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM593CSPTP: Chemistry Data Analysis
CHEM789Research Seminar
CHEM790Teaching Practicum
CHEM795Independent Study
CHEM796Graduate Seminar
CHEM796AGrad Sem:Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM796BGrad Sem:Organic Chemistry
CHEM796CGrad Sem:Physical Chemistry

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