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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHM2020Chem for Liberal Studies I
CHM2023Chemistry For Today
CHM2045General Chemistry I
CHM2045LGeneral Chemistry I Lab
CHM2046General Chemistry II
CHM2046LGeneral Chemistry II Lab
CHM2210Organic Chemistry I
CHM2210LOrganic Chemistry Lab I
CHM2211Organic Chemistry II
CHM2211LOrganic Chemistry Lab II
CHM2414CScience of Cooking
CHM3120CElementary Analytical Chem
CHM3610Intermed Inorganic Chemistry
CHM3610LIntermed Inorganic Chem Lab
CHM3941Peer Leading in Chemistry
CHM4060Use of Chemical Literature
CHM4070Hist Perspectives in Chem
CHM4131CMethods Chemical Investigation
CHM4292Intro to Medicinal Chemistry
CHM4307Bio Organic Chemistry
CHM4410LPhysical Chemistry Lab
CHM4411Physical Chemistry II
CHM4413Biophysical Chemistry
CHM4455Chemistry of High Polymers
CHM4611Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHM4905Independent Study
CHM4932Adv Org Chem I: Synthesis
CHM4932Adv Organometallic Chemistry
CHM4932Intro to Scientific Computing
CHM4932Mass Spectrometry
CHM4932Natural Products
CHM4932Practical Computational Chem
CHM4932Problems in Electron-Pushing
CHM4932Safety in the Laboratory
CHM4932Science of Cooking
CHM4932Separations Chemistry
CHM4932Statistical Mechanics II
CHM4932Supramolecular Chemistry
CHM4970Undergraduate Research
CHM5931Separations Chemistry
CHM6036Chemical Biology
CHM6138Mass Spectrometry
CHM6150Advanced Analytical Chem
CHM6250Adv Org Chem I: Synthesis
CHM6907Independent Study
CHM6935Graduate Seminars in Chem
CHM6936Chemistry Colloquium
CHM6938Adv Organic Chem II (Part 2)
CHM6938Adv Organometallic Chemistry
CHM6938Advanced Research in Chemistry
CHM6938Antimicrobial Drug Discovery
CHM6938Chemistry of High Polymers
CHM6938Industrial Internship
CHM6938Intro to Medicinal Chemistry
CHM6938Intro to Scientific Computing
CHM6938Natural Products
CHM6938Practical Computational Chem
CHM6938Problems in Electron-Pushing
CHM6938Qualitative Research Methods
CHM6938Safety in the Laboratory
CHM6938Separations Chemistrty
CHM6938Statistical Mechanics II
CHM6938Structure, Symmetry, Spect.
CHM6938Supramolecular Chemistry
CHM6938Survey Res. Methods in DBER
CHM6945Investigating CER in the US
CHM6946Graduate Instruction Met
CHM6971Thesis: Master's
CHM6973Directed Research
CHM7820Directed Research
CHM7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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