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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CIS3213Foundations of Cybersecurity
CIS3360Prin of Information Security
CIS3362Cryptography and Info Security
CIS3363IT Security Systems
CIS3367Architecting Operating Sys Sec
CIS3433Sys Integration & Architecture
CIS4083Cloud Computing for IT
CIS4200Penetration Testing for IT
CIS4203Cyber Forensics
CIS4204Ethical Hacking
CIS4212Trustworthy Infrastructures
CIS4216Aggressive Hacking
CIS4219Human Aspects of Cybersecurity
CIS4250Ethical Issues/Profess Conduct
CIS4253Ethics for IT
CIS4361Info Security Mgmt. for IT
CIS4364Cryptology and Info Security
CIS4365Computer Security Policies
CIS4368DB Security & Audits
CIS4510IT Project Management
CIS4525Contract Managmnt&Negotiations
CIS4622Hands-on Cyber Security
CIS4900Ind Study in Computer Science
CIS4910CSE Project
CIS4915Spvsd Research in Computer Sci
CIS4930Affective Computing
CIS4930Capture the Flag
CIS4930Comp Methods for Imaging
CIS4930Crypto Hardware/Embedded Sys
CIS4930Deep Learning
CIS4930Geo Machine Learning Algorithm
CIS4930Hardware Security
CIS4930HCI for Cybersecurity
CIS4930Intro to Embedded Systems
CIS4930IT Practicum
CIS4930Quantum Computing
CIS4930VLSI Testing
CIS4932Sp Topics: IT Comp Security
CIS4935Senior Project in Info Tech
CIS4940Industry Internship
CIS4947Industry Internship for IT
CIS6082Cloud Computing
CIS6214Trustworthy Infrastructures
CIS6218Human Aspects of Cybersecurity
CIS6220Penetration Testing for IT
CIS6373Fdtns of Software Sec
CIS6375Info Sec Priv Dist Systems
CIS6900Independent Study
CIS6930Advanced Deep Learning
CIS6930Comp Methods for Imaging
CIS6930Computer Systems Security
CIS6930Crypto Hardware/Embedded Sys
CIS6930Deep Learning
CIS6930Ethical Hacking for IT
CIS6930Hands-On Cyber Security
CIS6930Info Security Privacy Dist Sys
CIS6930Malware Analysis
CIS6930Penetration Testing for IT
CIS6930Python for IT
CIS6930Robotics Process Automation
CIS6930Seminar in AI
CIS6930VLSI Testing
CIS6940Graduate Instruction Methods
CIS6971Thesis: Master's
CIS7910Directed Research
CIS7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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