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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CJE3444Crime Prevention
CJE3650Intro to Forensic Science
CJE3656Introduction to Crime Analysis
CJE4010Juvenile Justice System
CJE4114Amer Law Enforcement Systems
CJE4244Analytic Forensic Case Studies
CJE4610Criminal Investigation
CJE4647Crime Scene Sciences
CJE4731Forensic Investigations
CJE6025Policy Org., Behavior, and Adm
CJE6029Advanced Seminar in L.E.
CJE6624Intro to Digital Evidence
CJE6625Network Forensic Crim Investig
CJE6626Digital Forensic Crim Investig
CJE6627Digital Evidence Recog & Coll
CJE6688Cybercrime and Crim Just
CJE6690Cybercrime Law and Soc Policy
CJE6716Criminal Justice Grad Capstone
CJE6945Practicum - Digital Forensics

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