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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COM2000Intro to Communication
COM3051Analyzing Culture and Media
COM3052Cultural Studies & Comm
COM3120Organizational Communication
COM3122Interview Communication
COM3413Communication & Visual Culture
COM4020Communicate Illness/Grief/Loss
COM4021Family Comm & End of Life
COM4022Health Communication
COM4027Intercultural Health Comm
COM4030Women and Communication
COM4151Communication & Working Life
COM4225Global & Cultural Health Comm
COM4490Communication and Love
COM4530Influencing Public Opinion
COM4702Comm, Lang, and Mental Illness
COM4710Writing Lives
COM4744Critical Issues in Reality TV
COM4931Disney & Politics of Pop Cult
COM4931Latina/o/x Media Studies
COM4931Reality TV
COM4958Communication Senior Capstone
COM6025Health Communication
COM6121Organizational Communication
COM6306Action Research
COM6345Contemp Cultural Studies
COM7325Critical Methods
COM7325Interpreting Quant Research
COM7325Qualitative Methods
COM7325Quantitative Methods
COM7933Career Theory
COM7933Comm & Design Thinking
COM7933Difficult Conversations
COM7933Listening, Comm, & the Body
COM7933Materiality and Communication

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