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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COMM107Oral Communication: Principles and Practices
COMM107BOral Communication: Principles and Practices
COMM107COral Communication: Principles and Practices
COMM107DOral Communication: Principles and Practices
COMM130Professional Communication and Writing
COMM200Critical Thinking and Speaking
COMM201Introduction to Public Relations
COMM230Argumentation and Debate
COMM250Introduction to Communication Inquiry
COMM288Communication Internship
COMM301Rhetorical Theories
COMM302Communication Science Theories
COMM303Media Theory
COMM304Communication Research Literacy
COMM305Qualitative Communication Research Methods
COMM307Quantitative Methods in Communication
COMM324Communication and Gender
COMM330Argumentation and Public Policy
COMM331News Writing and Reporting for Public Relations
COMM332News Editing for Public Relations
COMM351Public Relations Techniques
COMM353New Media Writing for Public Relations
COMM360The Rhetoric of Black America
COMM371Communication and Digital Media
COMM372Communication, Meaning, and Digital Media
COMM373Communication and Digital Visual Narrative
COMM375Documentary Theory and Practice
COMM382Essentials of Intercultural Communication
COMM386Experiential Learning
COMM388Communication Practicum
COMM398CSelected Topics in Communication; Peer Consulting in Oral Communication
COMM398ESelected Topics in Communication; Health Communication
COMM398KSelected Topics in Communication; Communication and Strategic Message Design
COMM398NSelected Topics in Communication; Communication and Digital Imaging
COMM398QSelected Topics in Communication; Social Media Analytics
COMM398TSelected Topics in Communication; Digital Culture and Civic Life
COMM399Honors Thesis
COMM400Research Methods in Communication
COMM401Interpreting Strategic Discourse
COMM402Communication Theory and Process
COMM422Communication Management
COMM425Negotiation and Conflict Management
COMM426Conflict Management
COMM450Ancient and Medieval Rhetorical Theory
COMM458ASeminar in Political Communication; Public Advocacy
COMM458ESeminar in Political Communication; How Do Citizens Communicate?
COMM460Public Life in American Communities, 1634-1900
COMM469GThe Discourse of Social Movements; Rhetoric of Gender Activism
COMM476Language, Communication, and Action
COMM483Senior Seminar in Public Relations
COMM488ICommunication Portfolio Project; Strategic Interviewing for the Career You Want
COMM489Topical Research
COMM498GSeminar; Event Planning
COMM498JSeminar; Strategic Communication
COMM498MSeminar; War and Peace in Israeli Discourse 1967 to the Present
COMM498VSeminar; Visual Rhetoric
COMM498XSeminar; Writing for Communication Professionals
COMM498YSeminar; Freedom of Speech & the First Amendment
COMM609Fundamentals of Interpreting
COMM609AFundamentals of Interpreting; Methodology
COMM609BFundamentals of Interpreting; Arabic into English/English into Arabic
COMM609CFundamentals of Interpreting; Sight Translation: Arabic into English/English into Arabic
COMM609FFundamentals of Interpreting; French into English/English into French
COMM609GFundamentals of Interpreting; Sight Translation: French into English/English into French
COMM610Introduction to Translation and Interpreting Studies
COMM633Global Public Relations
COMM639Fundamentals of Translation
COMM639AFundamentals of Translation; Methodology
COMM639BFundamentals of Translation; Arabic into English/English into Arabic
COMM639CFundamentals of Translation; Sight Translation: Arabic into English/English into Arabic
COMM639FFundamentals of Translation; Translation: French into English/English into French
COMM639GFundamentals of Translation; Sight Translation: French into English/English into French
COMM639MFundamentals of Translation; Translation: Spanish into English/English into Spanish
COMM639NFundamentals of Translation; Sight Translation: Spanish into English/English into Spanish
COMM686Teaching Communication
COMM688Communication Field Experience
COMM698Special Problems in Communication
COMM700Introduction to Graduate Study in Communication
COMM712Advanced Historical/Critical Methods in Communication Research
COMM714Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Communication Research
COMM748AThe Rhetoric of the Presidency; Rhetoric of Power and Protest
COMM789GSeminar: Special Topics in Intercultural Communication; Intergroup Communication
COMM798Independent Study
COMM798AIndependent Study; Public Speaking
COMM798BIndependent Study; Text Analysis and Intensive Writing
COMM799Master's Thesis Research
COMM888Doctoral Practicum in Communication
COMM889Doctoral Tutorial in Communication
COMM898Pre-Candidacy Research
COMM899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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