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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COMM107Oral Communication: Principles and Practices
COMM200Critical Thinking and Speaking
COMM288Communication Internship
COMM324Communication and Gender
COMM386Experiential Learning
COMM388Communication Practicum
COMM398DSelected Topics in Communication; Basics of Graphic Design for Strategic Communicators
COMM398XSelected Topics in Communication; The Rhetoric of Food Activism
COMM400Research Methods in Communication
COMM401Interpreting Strategic Discourse
COMM488ICommunication Portfolio Project; Strategic Interviewing for the Career You Want
COMM489Topical Research; Topical Research
COMM669Professional Practice Forum in Translation: Practicum
COMM759Professional Practice Forum in Interpreting: Practicum
COMM798Independent Study
COMM898Pre-Candidacy Research
COMM899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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