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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COMM102Fundamentals Interpersonal Com
COMM103Presentational Speaking
COMM104Public Communication
COMM105Introduction to the Mass Media
COMM112Small Group Communication
COMM122Human Comm-Contemprary Society
COMM191First-Year Seminar
COMM201Communication Research Methods
COMM202Interpersonal Communication
COMM203Communication Cornerstones
COMM303Business and Professional Comm
COMM305Appreciation-Motion Pictures
COMM306Organizational Communication
COMM307Life-Span Communication
COMM308Nonverbal Communication
COMM309Health Communication
COMM315American Diversity in Film
COMM316Intercultural Communication
COMM317Communication And Aging
COMM322Dark Side of Communication
COMM335Social Media in the Workplace
COMM403Capstone Seminar
COMM405Effects-Mediated Communication
COMM426Organizational Culture
COMM490Teaching Practicum
COMM491Professional Field Experience
COMM495Independent Study
COMM604Theory/Research in Persuasion
COMM605Theory/Rsrch-Mass Communicatn
COMM606Theory/Rsrch-Organizatnal Comm
COMM629Health Communication
COMM635Social Media Management
COMM650Applied Communication Theory
COMM652Diversity in the Workplace
COMM654Social Marketing
COMM659Case Studies in Communication
COMM660Comm. in the Organization
COMM662Conflict in Professional Life
COMM695Independent Study
COMM700Survey of Human Comm Theory
COMM701Graduate Research Methods
COMM790Teaching Practicum
COMM795Independent Study
COMM796Graduate Seminar

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