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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COMM100Principles-Human Communication
COMM102Human Comm-Interprsnl Context
COMM103Presentational Speaking
COMM104Public Communication
COMM105Introduction to the Mass Media
COMM112Small Group Communication
COMM122Human Comm-Contemprary Society
COMM201Communication Research Methods
COMM203Communication Cornerstones
COMM300Interpersonal Communicatn Thry
COMM303Business and Professional Comm
COMM305Appreciation-Motion Pictures
COMM306Organizational Communication
COMM307Life-Span Communication
COMM308Nonverbal Communication
COMM309Health Communication
COMM315American Diversity in Film
COMM316Intercultural Communication
COMM335Social Media in the Workplace
COMM342Interpersonal Rel & Technology
COMM393DSPTP: Research for Non-Profits
COMM403Capstone Seminar
COMM405Effects-Mediated Communication
COMM409Advanced Health Communication
COMM410Family Communication
COMM424Communication Ethics
COMM425Computer Mediated Comm
COMM426Organizational Culture
COMM490Teaching Practicum
COMM491Professional Field Experience
COMM495Independent Study
COMM593BSPTP: Athletic Coaching
COMM593CSPTP: Research for Non-Profits
COMM601Instructional Communication
COMM602Interpersonl Comm:Theory/Rsrch
COMM604Theory/Research in Persuasion
COMM606Theory/Rsrch-Organizatnal Comm
COMM611Intergroup Communication
COMM629Health Communication
COMM645Masspersonal Communication
COMM650Applied Communication Theory
COMM651Organizational Rsrch/Eval
COMM652Diversity in the Workplace
COMM655CMC & Professional Identity
COMM656Organizational Culture
COMM659Case Studies in Communication
COMM660Comm. in the Organization
COMM695Independent Study
COMM711Adv Seminar in Research Methds
COMM795Independent Study

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