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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COMS104Basic News Writing
COMS114Public Speaking
COMS130Introduction to Communication
COMS146Introduction to Media Production
COMS173Introduction to Advertising and IMC
COMS204News Reporting
COMS223Advertising Copywriting
COMS225Introduction to Public Relations
COMS226Digital Imaging
COMS231Research Methods in Communication
COMS235Writing for Public Relations
COMS240Teamwork and Communication
COMS246Basic Audio Production
COMS247Digital Media Writing
COMS250Interpersonal Communication
COMS300Media History
COMS314Organizational Communication
COMS326Web Production
COMS330Communication Theory
COMS332Argumentation and Advocacy
COMS335Media and Society
COMS346Electronic Field Production
COMS347Video Editing and Effects
COMS400Media Law and Ethics
COMS404Specialized Journalism
COMS408Public Relations Management
COMS411Public Relations Media and Campaigns
COMS416Business and Professional Communication
COMS427Digital Training Tools
COMS439Communication and Leadership
COMS440Listening and Nonverbal Communication
COMS446TV Studio Production
COMS451Intercultural and International Communication
COMS465Communication and Health Care
COMS481Journalism Portfolio
COMS482Production Technology Portfolio
COMS483Advertising Campaigns
COMS488Final Honors Project
COMS498Independent Study
COMS498IS: Data Vis for Comm
COMS508Public Relations Management
COMS539Communication and Leadership
COMS605Applied Communication Research
COMS610Seminar in Organizational Communication
COMS626Interactive Media and Analytics
COMS633Persuasion Theory and Strategy
COMS635Social Media
COMS640Internship in Strategic Communication
COMS650Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
COMS698Directed Study
COMS699Research and Thesis

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