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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CS1014Intro Computational Thinking
CS1044Intro Prog in C
CS1054Intro to Programming in Java
CS1064Intro to Programming in Python
CS1114Intro to Software Design
CS1944Computer Science 1st Yr Sem
CS2104Intro to Problem Solving in CS
CS2114Softw Des & Data Structures
CS2164Foundations Security Environ
CS2505Intro Computer Organization
CS2506Intro to Computer Organization
CS2964Field Study
CS2974Independent Study
CS3114Data Structures and Algorithms
CS3214Computer Systems
CS3304Comparative Languages
CS3414Numerical Methods
CS3604Professionalism in Computing
CS3634Comp Sci Foundations for CMDA
CS3654Intro Data Analytics & Visual
CS3704Intermed Software Des
CS3714Mobile Software Development
CS3724Human-Computr Intrctn
CS3744Intro GUI Programming/Graphics
CS3754Cloud Software Development
CS4104Data and Algorithm Analysis
CS4114Formal Languages
CS4264Principles Computer Security
CS4284Systems & Networking Capstone
CS4604Int Data Base Mgt Sys
CS4654Intermed Data Analytics & ML
CS4704Software Engineering Capstone
CS4784Human-Computer Interact Capstn
CS4824Machine Learning
CS4884Comp Bio & Bioinfo Capstone
CS4964Field Study
CS4974Independent Study
CS4994Undergraduate Research
CS5014Research Meth in CS
CS5024Ethics & Professionalism in CS
CS5040Intermed Data Struct/Algorithm
CS5044Object-Oriented Pgmming Java
CS5045Computation for Data Sciences
CS5104Comp and Formal Lang
CS5234Advanced Parallel Computation
CS5254Mobile Application Development
CS5424Computational Cell Biology
CS5484Finite Element Meth
CS5486Numer Analy and Softw
CS5504Computer Architecture
CS5525Data Analytics
CS5526Data Analytics
CS5560Fundamentals of Info Security
CS5566Network Arch and Protocols
CS5590System and Software Security
CS5664Social Media Analytics
CS5704Software Engineering
CS5714Usability Engineering
CS5754Virtual Environments
CS5824Advanced Machine Learning
CS5854Computational Systems Biology
CS5894Final Examination
CS5904Project and Report
CS5944Graduate Seminar
CS5974Independent Study
CS5994Research and Thesis
CS6444Verificat Validat Sci Comput
CS6524Deep Learning
CS6564Multimedia Networking
CS6604Adv Tops Data & Info
CS7994Research and Dissertation

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