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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CSAD191First-Year Seminar
CSAD200Intro - Communication Disorder
CSAD222Phonetics and Phonology
CSAD234A&P of Speech and Hearing
CSAD236Language Science
CSAD320Speech Science
CSAD342Introduction To Audiology
CSAD426Intro. Speech Dis.
CSAD436Language Acquisition 2
CSAD440Audiological Assessment
CSAD480Speech and Language Assisting
CSAD485CSD Professional Applications
CSAD495Independent Study
CSAD496Senior Thesis
CSAD604Seminars clinical Practice 1
CSAD607Seminars Clinical Practice 4
CSAD608Audiological Foundations
CSAD610Advanced Practice/SLP 1
CSAD611Advanced Practice/Audiology 1
CSAD614Advanced Practice/SLP 3
CSAD616Advanced Practice/SLP 4
CSAD618Evidence-Based Practice in CSD
CSAD622Advanced Voice Disorders
CSAD624Phonological Disorders
CSAD660Neuropath of Speech/Language
CSAD664Diagnostics-Spch Lang Patholgy
CSAD695Independent Study
CSAD743Industrial Audiology
CSAD747Cochlear/Brainstem Implants
CSAD759Audiology Clinic 5
CSAD789Audiology Residency
CSAD793CSPTP: Residency
CSAD795Independent Study

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