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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

DANC109Choreography I: Improvisation
DANC118Beginning Tap
DANC119Introduction to American Social Dance; Intro. to Ballroom Dance
DANC128Fundamentals of Ballet
DANC138BGlobal Dance Forms; House Based Dance
DANC138DGlobal Dance Forms; Pilates and Conditioning
DANC138PGlobal Dance Forms; Hip Hop
DANC148Fundamentals of Modern Dance
DANC199Practicum in Choreography, Production and Performance I
DANC200Introduction to Dance
DANC207Choreography II: The Creative Process
DANC218Modern Dance I
DANC219Modern Dance II
DANC299Practicum in Choreography, Production and Performance II
DANC318Modern Dance III
DANC319Modern Dance IV
DANC328Ballet III
DANC329Ballet IV
DANC338CGlobal Movement Practices; Chinese Dance
DANC383Dance History & Theory
DANC398Directed Studies in Dance
DANC399Practicum in Choreography, Production and Performance III
DANC448Modern Dance V
DANC449Modern Dance VI
DANC466Laban Movement Analysis
DANC468Dance Repertory
DANC485Seminar in Dance
DANC489OSpecial Topics in Dance; Contemporary Modern Technique
DANC499Practicum in Choreography, Production and Performance IV
DANC611Dance Technology and Media
DANC679Graduate Dance Performance
DANC689BSpecial Topics in Dance
DANC689DSpecial Topics in Dance; Dance Pedagogy-Dance History
DANC689FSpecial Topics in Dance; Professional Development in Dance and Theatre
DANC689MSpecial Topics in Dance; Advanced Modern Technique I
DANC689TSpecial Topics in Dance; Advanced Modern Technique II
DANC689WSpecial Topics in Dance; MFA Thesis Writing Lab
DANC698Independent Study in Dance
DANC708Choreography and Collaboration; Collaborative Work
DANC777Internship in Dance
DANC784Dance in a Global Context
DANC788Master's Tutorial for Choreography
DANC789Directed Study in Dance Theory; Directed Study in Dance Theory
DANC799Master's Thesis Project

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