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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

DNCE101Beginning Pointe
DNCE105Beginning Ballet
DNCE111Dance Appreciation
DNCE131Beginning Modern Dance
DNCE201Intermediate Pointe
DNCE205Low Intermediate Ballet
DNCE220Dance Composition
DNCE231Intermediate Modern Dance
DNCE260Production Participation
DNCE280Intermediate Jazz Dance
DNCE305High Intermediate Ballet
DNCE310Study in Somatics
DNCE331High Intermediate Modern Dance
DNCE365Performance Practicum
DNCE380Advanced Jazz Dance Technique
DNCE400Korean Dance
DNCE400Repertory & Variations
DNCE405Advanced Ballet
DNCE420Choreographic Studies II
DNCE431Advanced Modern Dance Technique
DNCE450Senior Seminar
DNCE480History and Philosophy of Dance
DNCE498IS: Creative Dance Study
DNCE498IS: Dance History II

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