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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

DTHY101Introduction to Dental Hygiene
DTHY186Dental Anatomy
DTHY211Dental Radiology
DTHY220Dental Nursing Techniques
DTHY225Dental Hygiene Techniques
DTHY300Anesthesia for Dental Hygiene
DTHY351Dental Health Education
DTHY361Expanded Functions
DTHY364Periodontics 2
DTHY374Clinical Dental Hygiene 2
DTHY378Dental Hyg Teachng Methd
DTHY406Adv Clin Dentl Hygiene 2
DTHY407Adv Dental Hygiene Methds 2
DTHY440Senior Integration Seminar
DTHY451Dental Health Education 3
DTHY482Intra-Oral Photography
DTHY490Teaching Practicum
DTHY495Independent Study
DTHY678Dental Hygiene Teaching Method
DTHY680Dental Hygiene Sem/Practice 1
DTHY681Dental Hygiene Sem/Practice 2
DTHY685Rsrch Mthds-Dental Hygienist
DTHY690Teaching Practicum
DTHY695Independent Study

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