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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ECO1000Basic Economics
ECO2013Econ Princpl (Macroeconomics)
ECO2023Microeconomic Principles
ECO2052Analytical Tools for Economist
ECO3101Intermediate Price Theory
ECO3203Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO3703International Economics
ECO4105Advanced Price Theory
ECO4270Economic Growth
ECO4303History Of Economic Thought
ECO4400Game Theory & Economic Appls
ECO4401Intro Mathematical Economics
ECO4421Intro to Econometrics
ECO4422Time Series and Forecasting
ECO4504Public Finance
ECO4713International Macroeconomics
ECO4914Independent Research
ECO4935Data Analysis for Practitioner
ECO4935Ecn of Inequal, Pov, Discrimin
ECO4935Seminar Current Econ Issues
ECO4970Economics Honors Thesis
ECO6005Economic Concepts
ECO6115Microeconomics I
ECO6206Macroeconomics I
ECO6405Mathematical Economics I
ECO6419Managerial Analysis
ECO6525Public Sector Economics
ECO6706International Trade: Thry/Pol
ECO6906Independent Study
ECO6917Directed Research
ECO6936Economics of Education
ECO6936Forecasting Time Series Analys
ECO7207Macroeconomics II
ECO7406Mathematical Economics II
ECO7426Econometrics III
ECO7427Econometics IV

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