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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDCT4034Meth of Planning Ed Prog in Ag
EDCT4754Internship in Education
EDCT4884Youth Program Management
EDCT4964Field Study/Practicum
EDCT5274Internship in Business
EDCT5604Foundations of CTE
EDCT5654Strategies for Teaching CTE
EDCT5754Internship in Education
EDCT5784Graduate Seminar in Education
EDCT5964Field Study
EDCT5974Independent Study
EDCT5994Research and Thesis
EDCT6604Adm Leadership Career Tech Ed
EDCT6944Professional Seminar
EDCT7754Internship in Education
EDCT7964Field Studies in Education
EDCT7994Research and Dissertation

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