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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDE4223Creative & Design Thinking
EDE4301Instructional Planning
EDE4302The Learning Environment
EDE4323Planning Instruction Diverse
EDE4504Creating/Different Learn Envrn
EDE4802The Teacher as Researcher
EDE4909Dir Study: Elementary Educ
EDE4940Internship: Elementary Educ
EDE4941Childhood Ed Intern Level I
EDE4942Childhood Educ Intern Level II
EDE4944Childhood Ed Intern Level III
EDE4947Clinical Education I
EDE4948Clinical Education II
EDE4949Clinical Education III
EDE6076Leadership for Std Learning
EDE6326Plan & Org Diverse Learners
EDE6366Prof Develp for Stdt Learning
EDE6458Ref Inst Dec Making I
EDE6458Reflect/Instr Decision Making
EDE6486Teacher Res for Std Learning
EDE6556Coaching for Student Learning
EDE6906Ind St: Elem/Early Child Ed
EDE6946Practicum Field Experience
EDE7481Teacher Education Seminar
EDE7910Dir. Research: Elem. Educ.

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