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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDF2005Intro to Teaching Profession
EDF2085Edu,Diversity,&Global Society
EDF3122Learning and Developing Child
EDF3214Human Development/Learning
EDF3514History of Education in the US
EDF3604Schools and Society
EDF4430Measurement for Teachers
EDF4440Measure and Assess of Students
EDF6217Behav Theory/Class Learning
EDF6284Problem Instu Design Computer
EDF6407Stat Analysis Ed Res I
EDF6432Foundations Of Measurement
EDF6481Found Educational Research
EDF6492Appl Ed Program Evaluation
EDF6883Issues in Multicultural Ed
EDF6906Ind Study: Ed Foundations
EDF6938Child and Adolescence Develop
EDF6944Field Experience
EDF7408Stat Analysis Ed Res II
EDF7410Design Sys Studies in Ed
EDF7477Qualitative Research in Ed I
EDF7478Qualitative Research in Ed II
EDF7484Stat Analysis Ed Res III
EDF7910Dir Rsch: Measurement & Eval
EDF7947Research Practicum

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