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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDG3801Cybersecurity & Every Citizen
EDG4012Standards Based Education
EDG4909Directed Studies
EDG4909Education,Culture and Environ.
EDG4909Independent study career dev
EDG6285Sch Curriculum Improvement
EDG6627Found of Curriculum/Inst
EDG6906Independent Study
EDG6931Creating Curr in English Ed
EDG6931Ed Assess of Exc Student
EDG6931Practitioner inquiry in ECE
EDG6931Std Success in College
EDG6931Theories & Approc. to Advising
EDG6947College Student Affairs Intern
EDG6975Project: Master's/Specialist
EDG7067Philosophies of Inquiry
EDG7667Analysis of Curriculum/Inst
EDG7910Directed Research
EDG7931Adv Prac: Pediatric
EDG7931Adv Pract School Psych
EDG7931Creative People and Processes
EDG7931Design Applied Research
EDG7931Goverance & Finance of H.E.
EDG7931Practice Based Rsch Methods
EDG7931Sem: Implement Educ Innovation
EDG7936Grad Sem: Ldr Schol Community
EDG7941Practicum: Educ. Innovation

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