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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDHD200Paradigms and Perspectives in Human Development
EDHD201Learning How to Learn
EDHD210Foundations of Early Childhood Education
EDHD220Exploring Early Childhood General and Special Education
EDHD221Aggression and Violence in Everyday Life: Can Violence Be Prevented?
EDHD228Research Experiences in Human Development
EDHD230Human Development and Societal Institutions
EDHD231Inside 21st Century Creativity: How Creative Ideas, Concepts, and Products are Generated
EDHD306Research Methods in Human Development
EDHD314Reading in the Early Childhood Classroom
EDHD319Selected Topics in Human Development
EDHD320Human Development Through the Life Span
EDHD322The Young Child as Mathematician
EDHD323Children Study their World
EDHD386Experiential Learning
EDHD411Child Growth and Development
EDHD412Infant Development
EDHD413Adolescent Development
EDHD414Development of the Scientific Mind Across the Lifespan
EDHD420Cognitive Development and Learning
EDHD425Language Development and Reading Acquisition
EDHD426Cognitive and Motivational Literacy Content
EDHD441Data Driven Decision Making in EC/ECSE
EDHD442Interventions for Children with Behavioral Challenges
EDHD443Interventions for Children with Social and Communication Challenges
EDHD444Action Research in EC/ECSE
EDHD460Educational Psychology
EDHD489Field Experiences in Education
EDHD498Special Problems in Education
EDHD629Seminar for the Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture
EDHD690Theoretical Foundations of Human Development
EDHD718Apprenticeship in College Teaching; Apprenticeship in College Teaching
EDHD720Social Development and Socialization Processes
EDHD721Cognitive Development and Learning: An Introduction
EDHD789Internship in Human Development
EDHD798Laboratory in Human Development
EDHD799Master's Thesis Research
EDHD888Apprenticeship in Human Development Research
EDHD889Practicum in Human Development
EDHD898Pre-Candidacy Research
EDHD899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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